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Grounded in Love Healing provides a mix of ancient and modern day healing modalities to awaken the Soul within.  We create a safe space and provide tools allowing the individual to feel seen, be heard, receive love, and feel accepted - Grounded in Love Healing guides the awakened individual to remember who they are on a Soul level. It is the healer within who begins reclaiming, remembering, reuniting, and rediscovering who they are as the truest, most authentic version of themselves during this human experience.

Grounded in Love Healing

Healing occurs when the individual
discovers their identity, the purpose chosen during their human experience, and makes
the conscious decision to
reclaim & remember who they are
on a Soul level. Over and over again.

-Aubrey Kyung

Meet your Guide


Aubrey Kyung is a multidimensional being

who began searching for more meaning in her life

when dis-ease physically manifested in her body.
Once she was healthy, Aubrey refused to continue 

treating symptoms and start healing the root causes.

Aubrey Kyung, a Korean-Japanese adoptee,

was guided to remember the ways

of her ancestors through her journey

with Eastern healing practices - combining

both ancient and modern day

holistic healing modalities.

She believes when

the body + mind + soul are aligned

with free flowing energy and operating from

a place of love + compassion + joy + equanimity

you can live  a happy +healthy + abundant lifestyle.


She is actively working with

adoptees & others to connect with their ancestors

to embody who they are on a Soul level

creating a new legacy becoming a new ancestor.

Aubrey Kyung is a dragon warrior + reiki master + intuitive healer -- a Soul who is dedicated to creating a safe space for others to remember + reclaim + reawaken who they are on a Soul level during their human experience

here on earth school.





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