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Reiki Energy Healing

For those of you not familiar with energy healing - The Japanese translation of  "Rei" is Universal Spirit and "Ki" is life force energy.


By way of Reiki healing, life force energy is guided through us spiritually. Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive ancient healing modality that was established upon ancient energy principles originating in Tibet + India. 

Reiki energy healing is unconditional love and an all knowing energy. The practice of ancient energy healing, believes

healing your body + mind + soul as an integrated system

and should be treated as a whole. This ancient practice restores balance physically + mentally + emotionally + spirituality.

Reiki energy healing sessions support the movement + release of stagnant energy. invigorating the energy centers with more light + love elevating your frequency + vibration to support your highest, most truest, authentic expression of self through all time and space realities.


Ancestral healing journey

Through guided meditation + energy healing + sound, create a connection with your ancestors, awaken the ancient wisdom you hold within as you heal yourself and your lineage.

Do you carry a deep knowing you came here to this human experience to be the cycle-breaker?

Do you feel called to connect + reunite with your ancestors?

Are you ready to repair the hurt + unhealthy patterns, release the anger + fear as you heal yourself and your ancestors?

Do you feel called to embody a new legacy for yourself and your ancestors full of strength + wisdom + love?

Deep within your DNA + blood + bones + spinal fluid, ancient wisdom lies dormant, ready to be awakened + remembered + reclaimed on a Soul level.

Reconnect to the wisdom + love + courage handed down from their ancestors.

A deep remembrance of the  love + wisdom + strength handed down from the thousands of ancestors you hold within is

reawakened + reactivated


Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient healing modality that brings together the body + mind + soul. This holistic treatment resets the nervous system by creating a theta brainwave or meditative state that allows a deeper level of healing and remembering who you are on a Soul level.

Sound Healing helps regulate the nervous system. Through the vibrational frequencies, the body moves from a sympathetic nervous system to a parasympathetic state of being.

Benefits of Sound Healing can include but are not limited to: clearing energetic blockages, reduces stress, relief from

depression + anxiety, deep relaxation, and returning to wholeness

body + mind + soul.





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